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Dry start then becoming more mixed Higher pressure brings drier weather at first and the chance of some very warm days. However, there are indications of a slip to more mixed weather late in May and early June. These mixed conditions continuing into the later part of the forecast period. *16/5/20 - 22/5/20* Fine, very warm, especially east. Risk of some rain Ireland. Breezy west at times. *23/5/20 - 29/5/20* Possible breakdown during the week. Periods of rain tracking east. Less warm. *30/5/20 - 5/6/20* Higher pressure builds. Dry for many. Warm days, cooler nights. *6/6/20 - 12/6/20* Rain in northern and west. Fair to the south with sunny spells. Warmer south, cool north. *13/6/20 to 19/6/20* Mixed, westerly flow. Showers or rain. Cool north. **ends** Simon Keeling Email me at [email protected]
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