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 Showery outbreaks of rain north, thunderstorms central Europe, dry and bright south Monday Showers, some thundery, develop over northern Spain later on Monday but the rest of Spain and Portugal stay dry, warm and sunny. Settled, fair conditions continue for the Balearics and much of Italy though Alpine areas could see some heavy, thundery showers at times. Sunny, very warm and dry for the Balkans, Greece and much of Turkey though some southern-central areas could see heavy showers. A band of light, showery rain affects far northwestern France, the Low Countries and northwestern Germany. Further to the south a band of heavy, thundery showers affects southeastern France, Switzerland, Austria, southeastern Germany, the Czech Republic and Poland. These could be particularly heavy for eastern Poland. A mostly fine and dry day elsewhere across western and central Europe. Blustery showers for Denmark and southern parts of Norway and Sweden while parts of Finland will continu e to see some heavy rain. This moves into northern parts of Norway and Sweden later. Western parts of Norway could see persistent rain throughout the day while showers affect the Baltic States. These could turn thundery for Lithuania later.
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