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 High pressure continues to bring settled conditions to a large swath of central Europe. Rain and snow showers affecting northwestern countries and Scandinavia. Tuesday A mostly dry and bright day on Tuesday for Spain, Portugal and the Balearics though a few light scattered showers may develop over northern Portugal and southern parts of Spain through the evening. Dry and mostly bright too for Corsica, Sardinia, Italy, the Balkans, Greece and Turkey. A band of rain will move through the Low Countries and northeastern France through the morning but it will ease as it moves further into the continent. A cloudy day for western France but dry and bright in the afternoon for the Low Countries and eastern France. Rain affecting western parts of Germany through the morning and early afternoon easing to leave an overcast but mostly dry afternoon. Hazy sun and a few scattered showers for Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Switzerland and Austria. Rain first thing for Denmark will ease to leave a mixture of scattered showers, cloudy skies and sunny spells. A cloudy day for the Baltic states before a band of rain moves from west to east through the late afternoon. Wintry showers for southern parts of Finland and Sweden while snow showers will persist for much of Norway with the exception of the southeast which should stay dry and bright.
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