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 Fair for most of the Mediterranean, some rain and wind across Scandinavia and eastern Europe Friday A fair day across Portugal and Spain with plenty of sunshine. It should stay fair too for most of Italy although an isolated shower may affect the south. Greece should be fair too with more sunshine here although easternmost areas will see more cloud about. Turkey will see rain push in from the west. Drier further east. Some morning mist and fog patches in France, but these will be clearing to leave a fine day with plenty of sunshine. A better day for the Low Countries too with sunshine here. Fair for the west of Germany with sunny spells. Rain in Poland, some of it heavy and this could affect eastern parts of Germany. Patchy rain for Hungary but staying fair across Switzerland and Austria. A wet day for Denmark with rain not clearing until later on in the afternoon here. Cloudy with pathcy light rain in places across the Baltics. Finland will be chilly but dry with sunn y spells. Sweden is mostly fair with sunshine whilst rain affects the southern half of Norway.
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