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 Hot Mediterranean, rain in northern Europe Thursday The heat continues across central, south & south-western Europe. Widely 30 to 35C or above for Spain, Portugal, Italy and much of France. Around 30C for central & south-eastern Europe. Scattered thunderstorms around the Pyrenees and the Alps, also along the spine of Italy and the Balkans. Largely dry for Greece and the Black Sea, although isolated showers for Romania and Bulgaria. A frontal system spreads into the Low Countries and Germany bringing areas of thundery rain from early in the day, but thunderstorms are expected to break out increasingly for the French-German border region, advancing north-east later, and extending into Poland. A few showers for the Baltic states, but much of Scandinavia & eastern Europe will be dry with sunny spells, 19 to 22C in southern Sweden, but much cooler in the far north.
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